The Beautiful, the Ugly, and the Decadent: Kim Shui S/S 2018

Fashion Designer Kim Shui showed her Spring/Summer 2018 collection on September 7 at Century 21 Studios. An exploration in dichotomy, the collection investigates the stark contrasts between ugly and beautiful, excess and minimalism, and what is silent and what is loud, in a series of garments made to evolve with each wearer.

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REVOLUTIONERE, DRØME's inaugural NYFW show and Volume II launch, was a power grab back from an oppressive administration. Featuring twelve designers dressing the who's who of the young art community in New York City, REVOLUTIONERE showed that Artists' voices are heard the loudest when threatened by powers that are meant to protect. DRØME took this as an opportunity to amplify their work in a context of dramatic systemic oppression.

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DRØME presents REVOLUTIONERE: an exciting take on NYFW, highlighting the designers that outfit the who’s who of the young artistic community in New York City.

REVOLUTIONERE also doubles as the Volume II launch, featuring Gabrielle Richardson (a.k.a Frida Cashflow) on the cover shot by Lumia Nocito. Other features include Kate Nash, Madame Gandhi, Emma Sulkowicz, Lizzy Plapinger, OSHUN and many others. Volume II is all about self-starters who move, shape, form, and reform culture.

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A Eulogy to Artist Project Sad Asian Girls Club: Esther Fan and Olivia Park

After leaving art school and realizing that their project wasn't living up to what they had dreamed it could be, Olivia Park and Esther Fan, the founders of Sad Asian Girls Club, parted ways. Gone but not forgotten, we took a look at the lasting impact of the ill-fated artists' collective.

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Weekend Roundup: Princess Nokia, SZA, Solange, and more from AFROPUNK 2017

On August 26th and 27th, every inch of Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park was filled with love, dancing, warmth and spirituality. If you missed out on this year’s amazing AFROPUNK festival, be sure to check out our exclusive photo recap above to vicariously experience it all.

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[NSFW] Gender Documentation: An Intimate Look at One Couple's Transition

MaryV Benoit is in love with Chella, who is currently in the processing of a FTM transition. Camera in hand, MaryV began documenting the whole process as a therapeutic tool for both of them. Consisting of photographs, videos, and documents like love letters,  Gender Documentation is an intimate look into one couple's shared experience of transitioning.

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