Dear Reader,


The theme of DRØME Volume II is Revolution.

The cover story of Vol II – BREAKING BARRIERS – speaks perfectly to DRØME’s ethos and the ability of the modern day artist to transcend a singular label. The story, which features Gabrielle Richardson photographed by Lumia Nocito, came together after Lumia was photographed for her own feature in Vol II. She subsequently proposed the idea of shooting Gabrielle for the cover herself, which seemed the perfect final piece of our puzzle.


DRØME – which stems from the Danish word for ‘dream’ – encapsulates a mindset rather than simply a magazine; our goal has been and will always be to nurture underrepresented artists. Each person featured in this magazine embodies more than a label can possibly allow. Kate Nash says – as you will read – “People want you to be what they boxed you in as, and stay that way.” And this, we refuse to do. Our theme – Revolution – speaks to the ways in which the artists of Vol II encourage us to move forward in the world. They advocate for a revolution through aesthetics and activism, through embracing identity and knocking down labels, through making work and sharing stories.


DRØME has grown online significantly over the past year, which has enabled us to expand our community in exciting new ways. But, given the surfeit of content produced on the internet, it seems particularly important to also tell stories through print. DRØME Volume II has been crafted with great care since the beginning of this year.


Our goal: to create content that is both modern and timeless.


We have been so fortunate to build a DRØME community of talented, fearless and compassionate artists, some of whom you will get to know in the pages of this magazine. Volume II would not exist without all of the names that you will see in the coming pages, and we are endlessly grateful to everyone who has been involved – both in the making of this Volume, and in establishing DRØME as an organization through events and our online presence. As artists ourselves, the opportunity to collaborate with other creatives has been beyond inspiring. We are so excited for what’s to come.


Keep it real.

Caroline & Satchel



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