This is not the future we were promised. When we were young we were told we could do whatever we wanted, be whoever we wanted to be, love whomever we wanted and still live The American Dream. We were told that The American Dream was even more possible for us than our parents. Society was moving forward and we were striving towards a more progressive, inclusive, and free future. 2018 is bleak. And we didn’t see it coming. We try to distract ourselves by staring into our phones at a constantly updating stream of content—most of which is trash—and do the same ritual of deleting and redownloading Instagram. Our eyes are tired and our brains hurt, so take a break and discover Fantasy with us.

Sit down and let the stories in this issue serve as a meditation on alternate realities. Explore the range of realities, the number of fantasies we all can create and embody, despite the bullshit, despite the noise of the outside world. Find your people. Take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone and that your community is here.

Take your time with the magazine. Bring it outside. Pump up the jams. Read it with somebody. Read it alone. Put it on your coffee table, next to your favorite incense holder. Put it under a glass case. Or don’t. Cut out all the pictures and glue them to your ceiling. Whatever. You’re the boss.

Fuck The American Dream.

It’s your Fantasy.

Caroline & Satchel

Photo by Sophie Hur  Makeup by Slater Stanley  Styling by Emilie Wilde

Photo by Sophie Hur

Makeup by Slater Stanley

Styling by Emilie Wilde