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The hectic second weekend of June 2018 started on Thursday, when I ended up on the dance floor of a club called Suicide Circus. Supposedly I was brought there by a friend whose art performance I had attended earlier that day. I had my own opening of a group show the day after, though. With zero hours of sleep, I showed up there on Friday and had to hang my photos at a gallery.

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16 Two Berghain Logos.JPG

All went well; obviously we couldn’t just go home and sleep after the show, so Nat and Zoe, who curated the show, took me to our friend Grace’s place, which has a very nice view over a Kreuzberg crossroad. That’s all I remember from that night. (Because there’s photo evidence.). Fortunately, I got some rest on Saturday, because I had to attend Herrensauna at Tresor, a hedonistic party organized by friends that went pretty viral last year.

It’s forbidden to take photos there, but I have my own ways; being close to the party organizers helps, too. The morning after, I joined another crew who had been in Berghain on Sunday. Their after hours were still going at this guy named Joe’s apartment. I had no idea who Joe was—he wasn’t even there—but he had this very cute pet snake.

22 Cleaning up Spaghetti from the Floor.JPG
24 Rita, Eating.JPG

We got hungry and Haein suggested moving to her apartment, where she cooked some pasta. It was several blocks away, so we had an afternoon walk in Neukolln.


It’s common to start a weekend with a certain group of people, with a certain vibe, trying to plan things ahead to avoid exhaustion. By the end however, you end up with completely different people, in places and at times that would never had imagined. Plus, with so much energy, you definitely cannot sleep.

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