Billie Eilish: Modern Day Queen

Article by Caroline D’Arcy Gorman

Photo by Genevieve Andrews


The red dress is gargantuan in both nature and stature. Its ruffles and curves

move and sway and as fabric falls upon fabric, the dress comes to life like an animal unto itself. It’s a living, breathing piece of art, and the designer behind it is about as shy as his vision. As Christian Siriano talks, I can see the wheels turning, the vision unfolding, his dream of a universe springing into being: “I come up with these dreams; I can see how a piece might move

without even seeing it walk yet.”

Whether it’s a voluptuous red

dress or a slim metallic suit, Siriano’s

sentiment is steadfast. There is always

a bold elegance to his work. It’s in

his careful and sharp stitchwork,

in his magnificent colors, in his

unabashed daring. Siriano’s incredible

success over the past ten years has

countered a stagnancy in fashion, a

world that prides itself on progress

and unconventionality while often

remaining stuck in the grooves of the

very status quo it seeks to oppose. “I

like to pick models that are personally

interesting but also powerful,” Siriano

explains. “I always felt like it wouldn’t

make sense to exclude anybody from

that dream world because fashion

should be a fun, beautiful, emotional

thing.” His insistence on innovation has

sent Siriano to the top, solidifying his

position as one of the most celebrated

queer designers of the past decade.

And, thankfully, he never stops:

“When it’s calm, I freak out. The grind,