Directed by Cameron Michael Debe
Cinematography by Rony Portillo
Featuring Akili King, Emilie Wilde, and Hillary Lui
Sound Design by JIL
Produced by Satchel Lee and Caroline D’Arcy Gorman


Get to know the City’s hottest up-and-coming group in the second episode of DRØME Presents: CRUSH. Meet JIL, the psychedelic electronic soul trio (and sometimes quartet) who’s lush sound sends us to another world. In this exclusive video featuring the group’s latest release, “Virgin Atlantic”, JIL’s music will wrap you up in a sonic blanket. Though immersive and rich, there an unplanned elegance to JIL’s music: “[We] like to create worlds in sound that have a stochastic element”. Experimental yet polished, unpredictable yet whole, JIL’s mature sound feels like the future. In a networked age where social media is saturated with attention-seeking content, the members of JIL maintain their anonymity to direct focus to the music. “Always move with good energy, and if you do that, then what do you have to apologize for?

Check out the video above to see why we’re CRUSHing on JIL.