Beauty Interrupted

Beauty Interrupted


Creative Direction: Emily Jane Davis and Krystall Schott

Photographer: Emily Jane Davis

Model / Writer: Krystall Schott

Stylist: Andi Ospina

Hair & Makeup: Shideh Kafei


Kick off your Halloween season with a wonderfully eerie short film by photographer Emily Jane Davis in collaboration with Krystall Schott (writer / editor / model). Exploring the inner turmoil and disintegration of the “perfect woman,” Beauty Interrupted evokes the dark side of Old Hollywood glamour. The film is a wry critique of the male gaze and the objectification of the silent woman. It acts as a poignant commentary about society today—one that Davis warns can “strip [women] of their human identity.” Scary stuff indeed.



Krystall wears Haute Hippie runway gown; Bjorg jewelry earrings; Vintage lace mask


Krystall wears Helmet Lang backless dress; Helmet Lang opera length gloves; Vintage lace bow.


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