Warren Wolfe Is Our Next Pop Obsession with His New Track "Stranger"

Warren Wolfe Is Our Next Pop Obsession with His New Track "Stranger"

Photography and text by Kat Kuo


In this digital era where lust can be easily disguised as love encountered through glaring iPhone screens, Warren Wolfe is here to unmask the masquerade. With his brand new single “Stranger”, the singer and producer unravels this struggle, evoking a queer sensibility which is particularly prevalent in the age of Grindr.

No longer just blue but delving to new depths in a cathartic luster of midnight, Warren Wolfe emerges as our next obsession with his newest track. Offering four minutes of celestial wonder, “Stranger” takes you on a journey through a pop amalgamation of surreal, dense vocals and robotic resonance mimicking the current mercurial era of lost and found love.

Warren Wolfe is undaunted to speak about this sense of hollowness invoked by the snowballing of synthetic self-projections, alluding to insecurities in the realm of social media. Having been through this experience himself, Warren not only shares his personal insight with his music and lyrics, but translates it into something emblematic for the generation to sit back and reflect on. See the story of “Stranger” illustrated by Liam Donnelly below.


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