by Kat Kuo

A Milano from the Ivory Coast, but now located in Brooklyn, Sarah von H is renowned for her knockout DJ sets. Always right at home around musical instruments and equipment, Sarah started playing the guitar at just 10 years-old and later learned to play bass and upright bass. Her interests are widespread; time spent on the streets of Paris instilled in Sarah a deep love for Hip-Hop and Rap music. The mixes evident in her signature style—an amalgamation of Rock, Punk, Funk, Folk, Instrumental, Electronic Instrumental, and more—are carried by her unbeatable music selection and ability to make magnetic melodies.

Sarah made her name in 2012 playing for the Milanese VORTEX party. Later, she became a resident DJ of one of Milan’s biggest parties, Akeem of Zamunda. Playing on stage with extensive range of artists including The Jillionaire & Walshy Fire from Major Lazer, High Klassified, KOSMI, Cerebral Ballzy, Aquadrop, and SOULECTION, among others, has made Von H an unstoppable force party force. This Sunday, she’ll be dropping the beat at DRØME’s NO PLACE LIKE HOMO Pride party.


DRØME: Imagine this scenario: you’re home alone, what are you dancing to?

SvH: 90’s UK garage and drum n’ bass.

D: What’s your favorite venue right now?

SvH: My fav venue is definitely the ROCKET Club in Milan, it’s also where it all began for me, that’s where I started Dj 5 years ago and that’s where I’ve grown artistically speaking... so yes, it will always be my favorite venue in the world. I don’t have a favorite venue in NYC yet, haha.

D: How have you come to work with such an eclectic range of artists?

SvH: Thanks to the event I started working and DJing at in 2012, called Akeem Of Zamunda. We were the first ones to ever bring in Italy artists such as Kaytranada, Denzel Curry, High Klassified and collectives like Soulection, we really wanted to bring a different reality to Italy, expand people’s view. That definitely gave me the chance to work with so many amazing artists, become friends with some of them and build beautiful connections.

D: Where do you go looking to find new music?

SvH: It’s a secret.

D: Who is your favorite up and coming artist right now?

SvH: I would say Sevdaliza for sure.

D: How does the performance element of DJing influence your production and vice versa?

SvH: DJing is very useful cause it helps me understand what’s in people’s mind which luckily it’s not necessarily a bunch of top 10 radio hits. That gives me a lot of hope in humanity and music, and it inspires me to create whatever I want as long as it comes straight from my heart. Same goes the other way around really.

D: If you could bring NOE to any city, where would it be?

SvH: I already brought NOE to New York when I moved here and it all started back in Milan, so I think Paris and Berlin will be next and I am actually working on it right now!

D: If you could only remix one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

SvH: “I’m a slave 4 u” of Britney, that beat is too dope but I don’t necessarily like her vocals..


D: Your bio cites Paris as the place you developed your love for rap and hip-hop. How has living in Brooklyn influenced your taste?

I learned a lot from both places, and I consider myself extremely lucky because I had the chance to live in some of the most beautiful and inspiring cities in the world, but maybe the experience I had in Paris was more intense because I was totally on my own and that gave me the chance to really absorb things in a different way, which means be more raw, always play whatever I want until people understand it and try to be as different as I could from what’s ordinary. Brooklyn is already a place of diversity and originality so I just had to get all my knowledge together and put it to work cause it’s a harsh place to be an artist. That’s why I always consider NYC as my “life office”.

D: What can guests at NO PLACE LIKE HOMO expect on the dancefloor?

SvH: To expect the unexpected.


You can catch Sarah's set at DRØME's NO PLACE LIKE HOMO Pride party this Sunday, June 25 at Good Room, BK. You can buy tickets here.

You can learn about the hosts of Sunday's party here: Nicky Ottav, Kyle Farmery, and Lee Armoogam