by Wade Wallerstein and Codi Fant
Photography: Sais TV


It’s just three days now until we open the gates to the Emerald City at Good Room -- NO PLACE LIKE HOMO is going to be the Pride event of the year. That said, we’re all set to introduce you to the third incredible host of the party--the one-of-a-kind Lee Armoogam. Known by her Instagram name Lee Moonflower (@leemoonflower), Armoogam is a 21 year-old born-and-bred New York City artist. Focused on work that centers around the idea of group healing, Armoogam has been involved in a bunch of projects that aim to create safe, healing spaces and promote natural products that facilitate holistic wellness and positive body image. Just last year, Armoogam participated in GOODWITCH’s Body Aware secret photo series and release party for their all-natural, healing products. As gorgeous as she is creative (even Petra Collins has claimed that Armoogam is one of her muses), Armoogam has become a beauty and style guru, inspiring people all over the world with her natural approach to presenting herself and liberating the female form from capitalist and male-dominated constraints on self-image. We had a chance to chat with Armoogam and learn a bit more about her creative process before the Pride festivities begin:


D: When did you first begin to pursue a career as an artist?

LA: I realized that it was a possibility in my late teens. I've always been creative but it took a long time for me to see value in my work, which is something that I still struggle with at times but I feel like that contributes to the beauty of it. Creating regardless of self-limiting thoughts, and sharing my mind with the world is a very sacred process.

D: What would you consider to be your favorite means of creating art?

LA: I love automatic creation. Just reaching for a brush and going to the first color that comes to mind. Grabbing a crayon or pen or anything you see and scribbling on and on. Somehow it transforms and I feel like that process has a certain language within itself.

D: How would you describe your aesthetic, or the aesthetic that you aspire to? Are aesthetics important to you?

LA: I wouldn't really identify with one specific aesthetic. I feel like my vibe changes depending on how I'm feeling and I like to just go with the flow of it. I'm a fairy nature angel bb, but also a wild city girl. Libra Sun / Scorpio Moon.

D: What have you been working on recently?

LA: I have a few fun projects in mind, but I've been wanting to release a little handmade zine series of my writings & art. I've been planning it for awhile but I slack a lot. Stop slacking!!

D: What makes you happier than anything else?

LA: Spending time with the earth & the people I love most. My family is very important to me and I'm so blessed to have a magical community of inspiring & supportive friends.

D: What’s your idea of the perfect relaxing day?

LA: Laying in the grass under a big beautiful tree, with lots of paint and fruit, birds ‘n’ forest animals singing and bringing me flowers.

D: Where do you find your biggest inspiration?

LA: Looking through my archive of work. I have a collection of small journals that I began carrying with me when I was 17. Looking at my visuals and words reminds me that there's something special within me–and it makes me want to explore it more and more.

D: Where is your favorite place to shop?

LA: I enjoy thrifting in little random, middle of nowhere kinds of places. Those messy no name shops in Brooklyn & Queens. You always find the coolest gems and they're usually owned by people who have been in the neighborhood for a long time. It’s good to support shops from the community.

D: What do you think makes a great party?

LA: That feeling of genuine connection when you're just like damn everyone is so happy right now. Love is so very powerful.

Do you know what you'll be wearing to NO PLACE LIKE HOMO yet?

LA: Mmmm, maybe! I just know it'll be cute ;-) heh.

For more about Lee, you can follow her on Instagram: @LeeMoonflower

NO PLACE LIKE HOMO, DRØME's inaugural Pride party, will take place on Sunday, June 25th at Good Room in Brooklyn. You can buy tickets here.

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