OSHUN Performs at Nubian Mafia's FWD Party

Video presented by DRØME and Mr. Doing Too Much

On May 27, DRØME attended FWD, presented by Nubian Mafia. The get down, held at former glass factory The Knockdown Center, celebrated Thandiwe and Niambi Sala of OSHUN, who recently graduated from NYU. Hosted by Zuri Lyric Marley, FWD was an afternoon of incredible music and dancing, featuring performances by NAKAYA, JIL, Highclass Hoodlums, DJ Shiva and OSHUN themselves. The focus of the concert was the initiation of positive momentum going into the future — for recent graduates like Thandiwe and Niambi as well as all young artists. FWD delivered a powerful message: in uncertain times, young artists are generative and perseverant, finding strength in one another.

Watch the video above for DRØME’s full visual recap of the event.


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