SOFI TUKKER Lashes Back Against 'The Man' in New Video: "Fuck They"

SOFI TUKKER Lashes Back Against 'The Man' in New Video: "Fuck They"

by Caroline D'Arcy Gorman

DRØME alumnus SOFI TUKKER penned the perfect dance tune to give the middle finger to anyone trying to tell them what to do with new song and music video, “Fuck They”.  Since the duo’s release of hit single “Drinkee” in 2015, planet SOFI TUKKER has exploded with color, the songs themselves taking on a new biting tone as the band grows bigger and bolder.

The increased outspokenness “Soft Animals” has become more apparent with tracks like “Greed” (released on President’s Day) and now, “Fuck They,” a fast paced single opening with “I don’t give a fuck about THEY”. With “Fuck They”, the duo fights back against restrictive administrators and all those telling us who we should be and what we should do. In the wake of recent statements from the US government regarding Transgender individuals serving in the armed forces, this “F U” to the man could not be here at a better time.

Enter the world SOFI TUKKER in the video above, they say all the things that you wish you could say to the Administration.

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