DRØME is casting individuals to be featured in a DRØME Fashion Experience. We are looking for models and designers. To celebrate the launch of our second issue, we’re hosting a unique take on New York Fashion Week and want you to be a part of it.  We are looking for people who are down to be fully immersed in a living art experiment, who can command attention, work a room, and move through a space. We are also looking for designers who are fresh and unique. The designs will be over the top and avant garde so we want you to be able to turn it out/own that look.

Show date in NYC: Thursday, September 7, 7-9pm

Usage: Press prior to and after the event. We are expecting wide coverage.

The show and shoot date are both in NYC, so we are casting for people primarily in the Tri-state area, but will consider candidates from anywhere if you are able to travel to NYC.

Shoot Date: Late August (date tbd)

To submit: 

Anything we should know about you:

For Models: 3-4 simple, current photos - both face and full-length (no sunglasses or hats please)

For Designers: 4 photos; 2 sketches and 2 crafted looks

Send all applications to hello@wearedrome.com, with the subject heading "DRØME Casting Call"

Deadline for submission: Monday, August 7, by 9PM.

You are encouraged to submit any other form of self-promotion that you’d like!

Thanks! we look forward to reviewing your submissions,

DRØME Events Team

In the making of DRØME we hope to showcase a community of doers and nourish an attitude of empathy in a world that teaches us to pass judgment rather than practice kindness. The stories, images, and people shared in this magazine are an amalgamation of perspectives often overlooked or explicitly excluded from art and media worlds. The dearth of diverse identities and viewpoints within the arts is harrowing, especially for a young generation that is fighting its hardest to overcome conservative notions of order ultimately practiced as acts of discrimination against the very people and things we find most inspiring. In DRØME, the featured creators and creations encourage us to never shy away from who we are and what we want. Each artist, in sharing their story, embodies their own definition of agency. Against a mainstream ideology that indoctrinates patriarchal, capitalist, and hateful theories turned into policy, the artists in our first issue represent the ways in which art can take power back from society's denigrating control.