Directed by Francesca Consarino
Produced by Satchel Lee & Caroline D'Arcy Gorman
Production assistants: Monique Gabriel & Kat Kuo
Text: Wade Wallerstein

DRØME is proud to announce the inaugural installment of CRUSH - a brand new video series featuring the young creatives inspiring us right now. Our first CRUSH is Zolita, a queer pop star for the modern age. "I just want to make music that makes young queer kids feel confident in who they are, and feel like their identity is valid,” Zolita says in the video. “Growing up, I wished that I had a queer pop star.” With her activist’s attitude, R&B-influenced vocals, and warm personality, Zolita is the perfect artist to fill that role. Filmed entirely in Zolita’s home and around her neighborhood, the video provides an intimate peek into the mind and personal space of the singer. Get to know why we’re CRUSHING above.

In the making of DRØME we hope to showcase a community of doers and nourish an attitude of empathy in a world that teaches us to pass judgment rather than practice kindness. The stories, images, and people shared in this magazine are an amalgamation of perspectives often overlooked or explicitly excluded from art and media worlds. The dearth of diverse identities and viewpoints within the arts is harrowing, especially for a young generation that is fighting its hardest to overcome conservative notions of order ultimately practiced as acts of discrimination against the very people and things we find most inspiring. In DRØME, the featured creators and creations encourage us to never shy away from who we are and what we want. Each artist, in sharing their story, embodies their own definition of agency. Against a mainstream ideology that indoctrinates patriarchal, capitalist, and hateful theories turned into policy, the artists in our first issue represent the ways in which art can take power back from society's denigrating control.