Images courtesy of Bianca Valle
Interview by Caroline D'Arcy Gorman


Dress Code is a photo-interview series exploring identity and personal narrative through fashion, style, and self-expression. This installment features Bianca Valle, an artist living and working in New York.


DRØME: How do you identify?

Bianca Valle: I am a Mexican American girl with long hair and no fear to use my voice. I am quite opinionated when it comes to topics that I feel strongly about, however I am very gentle, almost too gentle at times. I was born in California and moved the New York to go to NYU. I truly feel like a bilingual, bicoastal creative. 


How would you describe your style / aesthetic?

My style is constantly changing. I fluctuate between skater, tomboy looks to very feminine, trendy looks. Some days I go full on Victorian, depending on the weather. 


What makes you proud to be who you are?

So many things! My mind and heart mostly. I love the way I see the world and am grateful that I am kind in my approach.


How do you use style or aesthetic as a tool to explore or express your identity?

I believe that for me, the way I look on the outside is a reflection of who I am on the inside. The way I dress shows my interests right off the bat.


How has the way that you express yourself through fashion changed overtime?

To be honest, it hasn't changed too much. However, as I get older, I suppose my style has definitely calmed down a bit. In middle school, I would literally wear whatever the hell I wanted and not think twice about it. Now, I want to make sure I don't attract too much attention to myself when I walk to the grocery store. 


One piece of clothing or accessory you can't leave the house without?

I love my straight leg Levis. If I could, I would wear the same black 505 pair every day.