Introducing: Mister Wallace







Photo by Lili Peper 

Text by Charles Pillus



TOO FEW ARTISTS cross the line that separates those who are one from those who are multiple; those who are non-committal from those who are pluralistic. And fewer do so in thigh-high heels. In Mister Wallace’s debut EP, Faggot (2016), listeners are given the opportunity to cross this line and face themselves as the fragmented people they truly are, following Mister Wallace into the depths of what may surely be epiphany. In Faggot, Mister Wallace embodies intersectionality and proposes that we do too. To encase this Chicago-raised and New York based artist in one narrative is to redact the full scope of Mister Wallace’s essence. The actual path of his work is a thread of continuity that connects a multitude of narratives.