by Hadley Stack

Photography: Hobbes Ginsburg


NO SESSO, The LA brand of Pierre Davis, harnesses a simple message: “the freedom to be”. Nothing speaks more to this than the name itself, which translates to “no gender” in Italian. The colorful, vibrant, and gender-fluid collection is an eloquent marriage of high fashion and contemporary art; the collection embraces marginalized people through clothing that suits various gender identities. This newest No Sesso collection evokes a sense of harmony between the natural and urban worlds. The tactility of the fabrics - hard black denims and soft fleeces - tells a story of strength and resilience in these urban communities, while the enchantment and grace of the natural world is captured through photographic prints. The collection draws from the vast history of black and brown bodies with relation to nature; the story it tells is one of spirituality, sentiment and subtlety. Every stitch of the intricate custom hand embroidery acts as a peaceful protest that seeks to revolutionize the world through fashion and art.